About Company

Company recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals for 25 years

Ug-Met Industrial Park is one of the leading companies in the Southern Federal District of Russia. With 2,000 employees and over 40 scrap-collecting sites, industrial facilities for non-ferrous metal processing, an aluminum profile production plant, paint shops, and logistic centers we are an industry leader in the South of Russia.

For more than 20 years, we have been producing ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys and products. Nowadays, the Group works under long-term contracts with systemic transnational consumers, as well as with the most significant Russian industrial enterprises. We supply products to the world’s largest corporations, such as:

Own processing facilities and exclusive partner contracts allow us to offer the best prices in the Southern region.

Ug-Met works closely with more than 700 companies producing scrap metals in the South of Russia thus continually increasing the number of suppliers. We are always looking forward to partnership!

Ug-Met brand is a crucial asset of the Industrial Park that is known as one of the most reliable metal recyclers in Russia and abroad. During these two decades, the Industrial Park has earned a flawless reputation and nowadays continues strengthening it. Both in Russia and abroad, we are known as a reliable, professional and customer-focused partner. Ug-Met ’s brand status and reputation are as important for the Company as our production and financial resources.

We are professionals with unique experience in building a successful business. And, of course, we are always looking forward to working with new partners!

Ug-Met Industrial Park History

  • – Founding the Сompany, opening the first scrap metal picking point, supplying scrap to Moscow.
  • – Launching aluminum alloy production, melting capacity 200 tons/month.
  • – Turnover about 500 tons/month.
  • – 200 employees. Opening facilities in Aksay and Belaya Kalitva, the total production capacity is 1000 tons/month.
  • – Launching the production of aluminum poles (500 tons/month). The installation of extrusion presses for the production of aluminum profiles. The scrap turnover is about 3000 tons/month.
  • – Over 80 branches and offices. Building a regional network of scrap picking points. A staff of over 800 people. Reorganizing the company’s structure. The turnover of non-ferrous scrap is 5000 tons/month, and ferrous scrap metal is 1000 tons/month. Establishing sales offices in Moscow, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Elista, and Stavropol.
  • – Developing new areas of scrap machining at the Logistics Site. Increasing the range of materials received. The launch of new aluminum alloy production lines. Outsourcing of processing non-ferrous scrap for large Russian plants.
  • – Launching copper wire rod production, over 100,000 wire rods produced.